Kitchen Extraction Systems

Ventilation Canopy UK is your go-to solution for advanced commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Our diverse offerings span from exclusive extraction hoods, efficient smoke extractors, and input systems to service units, central island canopies, and advanced odour & sound management solutions. Every solution we offer is customised to meet your specific needs.


Seeking commercial heating extraction hoods, high-performance extractor fans, or holistic commercial kitchen ventilation systems? Trust Ventilation Canopy UK, a renowned name in the industry.

The Significance of Optimal Kitchen Ventilation

The essence of a kitchen ventilation system extends beyond mere functionality. It not only ensures that kitchens operate seamlessly across various operational scenarios but also augments the longevity of your kitchen infrastructure.

Innovative Ventilation Strategies

– Demand-Based Ventilation
– Enhanced Air Quality
– Effective Odour Management
– Synchronized HVAC & CKV Systems
– Premium Efficiency Filters
– Ducting Extensions
– Sealing Voids
– Integrated Ventilation Approach

While conceptualizing a commercial kitchen or refining an existing ventilation framework, several considerations play a pivotal role. These elements ensure your system offers both cost-effectiveness and optimal performance. Every kitchen should bask in the assurance of a safe and ambient ventilation system.


Conforming to UK’s health and safety guidelines is non-negotiable for commercial kitchens. It’s imperative that kitchens maintain a robust ventilation system. Non-compliance not only risks penalisation but also potential legal action.


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