Fresh Air Inlet - Ventilation

The name “fresh air inlet” captures its essence, as the balance of your kitchen’s atmosphere depends on fresh air.

This mechanism acts as a gateway, ushering in invigorating external air into your kitchen. Its role becomes indispensable in a commercial setting, where the constant ebb of air, courtesy of the extraction system, demands replenishment. A void in fresh air integration can lead to suboptimal fan operations, heightened external air intrusions, and a less-than-ideal workspace ambiance.

Once your kitchen’s extractor ushers out the stale, heated air, there’s an imperative need for a dependable channel to reintroduce purified, ambient air. In the absence of a fresh air inlet, kitchens grapple with adverse air pressure, erratic temperature variances, and compromised air quality. This understanding underscores Ventilation Canopy UK’s unwavering commitment to embedding a fresh air inlet in every ventilation system blueprint we craft. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of crisp, temperate air, revitalizing every corner of your kitchen.


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