Gas Interlock Systems & Speed Control Unit Replacement

For commercial kitchens utilizing gas-based cooking appliances, it’s imperative to integrate an extraction system fortified with a gas interlocking mechanism. This crucial feature ensures gas isn’t accessible until the ventilation system is fully engaged, in alignment with the British Standard BS6173 and Gas Safe protocols. If you’re operating a cafe, restaurant, or any culinary venture, you’re undoubtedly aware of the legal mandate to embed this in your kitchen. Ventilation Canopy UK stands ready to assist in installing, maintaining, and updating this system, guaranteeing your operations always meet the standard.

Gas Interlock System Services

Our cadre of engineers is Gas Safe endorsed, rigorously trained to fit and oversee gas interlock systems. To delve deeper into its maintenance, installation, or to pencil in a routine check, reach out to us without hesitation.

The Imperative of a Gas Interlock System

– Assurance of a secure setup.
– A safeguard against insurance nullification.
– Rely on our Gas Safe accredited engineers.
– Adherence to the BS6173 benchmark.
– Technicians credentialed under the Safe Contractor framework & CHAS.

Periodic upkeep of the gas interlock system is vital to ascertain it functions in congruence with BS61173 criteria. Any lapses can precipitate operational hindrances, undermining the kitchen’s fluidity.


Specifically, this safety interlock warrants biannual inspections to confirm airflow detection and gas regulation mechanisms are optimal.


An adept engineer should comprehensively assess the system’s components, encompassing sensors, valves, and conduits.

Deciphering the Gas Interlock System

Central to the Gas Interlock System is a sensor tailored to monitor airflow, evaluating the duct’s and fan’s efficiency within the ventilation matrix. If parameters are met, the sensor greenlights the gas flow.


A commercial fan speed moderator works in tandem with the gas interlock, adjusting the pace of both inlet and exhaust fans. This pivotal component ensures the system’s adaptability to the ambiance, thus adhering to stipulations. It also circumvents any inadvertent gas supply halts if fan speeds dwindle.


Ventilation Canopy UK is adept at substituting speed control modules, ensuring your culinary space operates at peak efficiency.


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